I’m Lexi.

My whole life I have been called a social butterfly and an animal lover. I have a fiery passion for life and nothing has or will ever put out this fire. I will have lived in Las Vegas 10 years as of June 2nd, 2020. I absolutely love it here. The energy, the weather, the lack of bugs (especially mosquitos), the close awesome states surrounding for easy travel, the nonstop adventures, meeting people from all around the world, and the wonderful endless opportunities Vegas has to offer.

Something that lights me up? Seeing people laughing, smiling, in love, happy, and living their best life. Most of my crying is over love. Crying over beauty. Happiness. Freedom. Unity. I LOVE, love.

I have a BA of Science in Human Services because I LIVE for helping people. Being of service fuels my soul. I have a passion for photography and I fall in love every time I pick up the camera. My heart bursts while capturing precious moments. Moments in still time. I am very hands on so I enjoy things like, building, art, playing sports and being active. I love to laugh, I have many different kinds and with a few, you’ll definitely hear me from a mile away.

I LOVE TO DANCE. Any form of dancing. It makes me feel so alive and leaves me energized. Dancing is freeing and empowering.

I currently have 6 animals. 1 dog, 4 cats, and a bunny! I have a non-profit called StopHateEducate with a mission of ending hate and discrimination in all areas. I do HIV education and outreach, and I help people heal from trauma, free themselves of limiting beliefs, and create their best life.

I’d like to say thank you for being here! Thank you for reading my blogs and thank you for having a desire to learn and grow.