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Intentional Attention

A big problem in this world is, people are so focused on what the next person is doing or not doing, they neglect themselves. When we are not right with ourselves, the world is not right. A good rule I’ve found to live by; if the individual is not hurting anyone, leave them be. Redirect…

My One Night Stand with HIV

I am going to share a story about a one night stand I had, how this person dealt with me having HIV and most importantly, how I handled his reaction.   Before I get into it, I’d like to talk about what a one night stand is and how I view them. The definition of…

Rocky Road; life or death

Today I woke up, (grateful) and per usual, I went to the living room to give all my babies morning love. I sat on the ground and all my babies came running for lovins, except Rocky. I called out, “Rocky baby, where are you?” He slowly but surely waddled into the living room from around…

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